Concrete mixer truck fell on a car on a freeway 35

At the law offices of Robert B. Colosia we also have experience handling wrongful death case, San Diego Wrongful Death Attorney San Diego Personal Injury Attorney, and often obtain large results for these cases.

A Virginia jury has awarded $10.5 million to the family of a woman who died in 2007 after a concrete mixer truck fell onto her car on the freeway. Local experts say the verdict might be the largest award ever in a wrongful death suit in Virginia.   San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Tom Jackman , The Washington Post  12/16/2010

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Cigarette company lure children to smoke 34

Tobacco Tort Class Actions Personal Injury Cases. another area for San Diego Personal Injury Attorney action cases. A Massachusetts jury has ordered cigarette maker Lorillard Inc. to pay $81 million in punitive damages to the estate of a local woman who suffered a fatal, lifelong addiction to Newport cigarettes. The lawsuit claimed the company marketed cigarettes to children and lured them into smoking. The punitive damages came on top of $71 million awarded last week in compensatory damages. San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Milton J. Valencia, Boston Globe  12/16/2010

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2 investment managers defrauds clients 33

Another Area of Personal Injury cases and tort law is fraud. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has accused two former Wachovia Securities representatives with defrauding customers of more than $8 million. According to the lawsuit, the two investment managers “told clients their investments were a ‘sure thing,’” and that they would see 35 percent returns. In 2008, when the stock market plummeted, the mens’ 42 clients lost more than $8 million.  San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Staff Report, United Press International  12/16/2010

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Canadian cheese recall 32

Jurisdiction in cases can often bring a defendant to San Diego for a Personal Injury Case is the injury occurred here in San Diego.

Canada’s largest dairy processor has announced an expanded recall of various cheese products due to bacteria that could potentially cause illness in consumers. Saputo Inc. made the announcement last week, saying the recall will affect brands such as Faith Farms, St-Albert and Sunspun. Officials for the company have said they have yet to pin down the cause of the problem, which is why the expanded recall has been issued. There have been no reported illnesses associated with the recall. San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Bhaswati Mukhopadhyay, Reuters  12/03/2010

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Chicken salad lunch kids recall after possible plastic contamination 31

We have handled a number of food poisoning cases, which is another area of personal injury law.

A San Diego food company has announced a recall of their chicken salad products due to possible contamination with pieces of plastic. Bumble Bee Foods and their parent company, The Suter Company, announced the recall this week of their 8.2-ounce and 3.5-ounce chicken salad lunch kits. The Department of Agriculture has classified the recall as a low health risk.  San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Staff Report, PR Newswire  12/06/2010

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Website violates viewers web history 30

Internet Right of privacy is part of our entertainment law division, and is a part of personal injury law.

Two California men have filed a class-action lawsuit against the adult Web site YouPorn over the site’s practice of “history sniffing.” The lawsuit claims the Web site violates peoples’ privacy privileges by using a Javascript security flaw to view users’ Web history on their computer while viewing the site. The suit also claims the site does not mention the practice in its privacy policy. San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Kashmir Hill, Forbes  12/06/2010

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Drunk-driving causes 2 deaths 29

DUI Accident cases are a common form of Auto Accident Personal Injury Cases, as are wrongful deaths.   We also have a long history of DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer Experience in our Criminal Law division.

A Florida jury awarded a family $14 million last week in a lawsuit filed over the death of two of their sons in a drunk-driving crash. The accident occurred in 2007 when a man who had been drinking all night at a local bar hit the truck the two young boys were riding in at about 80 mph. In 2008, the defendant pleaded no contest in the criminal case and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.  San Diego Personal Injury Wrongful Death Attorney Pat Gillespie, Fort Meyers News-Press  12/03/2010

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Sexual harassment in a church preschool 28

Sexually Harassment,  Sexual abuse and Molestation cases are another area of Personal injury law.

An Indianapolis woman has filed a lawsuit against her local pastor, claiming he sexually harassed her in 2009 while she worked at the church preschool. According to the suit, the pastor at Hope Baptist Church engaged in “a pattern of grabbing, touching and caressing” that left her emotionally distressed to the point that she eventually quit her job. The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages.  San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Robert King , Indianapolis Star  12/06/2010

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“Catfish” movie uses a song with no permission 27

Intellectual Property law known as IP is another Tort that is included in our Entertainment Law division.

A California media company has filed a lawsuit against the makers of the movie “Catfish,” claiming the filmmakers violated copyright laws by using a certain song in the movie. Threshold Media claims in their suit they own the rights to the song “All Downhill From Here” by singer-songwriter Amy Kuney, which plays a critical role in the film. The issue at hand is whether the movie is factual or fictional. If fictional, it does not have the cover of the “fair use” doctrine and the filmmakers would have needed permission to use the song.  San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Staff Report, United Press International  12/04/2010

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Power companies release 650 millions of carbon dioxide into atmosphere 26

Personal Injury Attorneys are not just concerned with auto accidents and wrongful deaths, but also the environment.

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear an appeal on a lawsuit filed against four power companies by a group of states trying to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The appeal comes from the power companies, saying that if the lawsuit is allowed to go forward, it would have “staggering economic implications.” The lawsuit claims the power companies contribute 650 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.  San Diego Auto Accident Lawyer Greg Stohr, Bloomberg  12/06/2010

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