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Robert Colosia San Diego Criminal Attorney who will fight for you


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The Law Offices of Robert Colosia have handled numerous successful criminal   defense cases ranging from drug trafficking        to DUI Mr. Colosia has also second                 chaired numerous Murder Trials and Third Strike Trials.   When you want a San Diego criminal attorney who will fight for you, you need to call us.   

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Learn what to do if stopped for a DUI or          by the police, by reviewing our criminal        attorney  tips page.  Here you can learn what    to do when approached by police for a          DUI or any situation.  Tips from an         experience criminal lawyer will help             you and your family protect yourselves.   


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Marijuana for Sale           Charges Blocked (Case David L.) (                                        Los Angeles County       

Gun Possession               Charges Blocked  (Case:Richie)         Riverside  County

Assault & Battery             Charges Blocked     (Case: Brad L.) San Diego County

Federal Meth Trafficking  Out within 1 yr.     (Case: Jose M.) San Diego County

DUI - 2 within 12 hours   45 days work furl. - no jail time  (Case: Reymundo)  San Diego

Domestic Violence/ A&B   Probation              (Case: Cyndi B.) San Diego County

Felony Cocaine Possession  Program - no jail time (Case Chris R.) San Diego County

Speeding          Charges Blocked    Case: numerous incl. Nic P.) Riverside County

Probation Violations           Reinstated             (Case: David L.) San Diego County

 * individual cases may vary this is no guarantee or warranty iin regards to the results or merits  of your case     


Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Penalties in San Diego County are set forth by statute and can be incredibly complex.  The range of possible sentences is determined by the basic statute, with modifications, such as refusing to submit to a chemical test within range, and others.  Such modification can greatly  affect a drinking and driving case.  You need a San Diego criminal attorney.


It takes a firm with confidence and know-how to deal with Federal and  State authorities when it comes to defending individuals against drug possession and drug trafficking charges. If you have been accused of a crime, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.  Your drug case will have a much better outcome if you bring in your criminal lawyer early.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence cases can be extremely emotional.  Punishment for domestic violence is statutory.  Call your criminal attorney immediately if you are charged with domestic violence. 

 Probation Violation

The courts take probation violation very seriously and so should you.  This can be the difference between going to prison and staying out of prison.  If you think you have a problem with probation violation call us immediately.  The more time we have the better your chances of staying out of prison. 


 Remember when in doubt Call your San Diego  criminal attorney Robert Colosia  immediately





Protect Your Rights


(619) 231-8340



Drug Possession/Distribution

Domestic Violence

Probation Violation

Murder Trial







 1. When arrested by the Police for a DUI or anything else, you have constitutional rights which they should tell you, which are: right to remain silent, anything you say may be used against you, right to have a criminal attorney present while you are questioned, and if you cannot afford a  lawyer, one will be appointed for you.                           

 2. At this point, you should demand a criminal attorney and they must stop all questions.  CALL 619-231-8340 immediately or have your family call. 

3. You should then have a criminal lawyer come and visit you in jail or have a friend or family post Bail, and then come to this criminal attorney office. 

4. Bring any and all documents you have about the case to this office at the appointment.

5. First Court hearing is the arraignment, where you will plead NOT GUILTY.


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Robert Colosia is an outstanding San Diego criminal attorney.  Whether you have had a DUI, drug possession, assault, domestic violence, or murder case you need to protect your rights.
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